Cira Aloe


The sun is the source of energy to our planet which provides just the right amount of energy to power life. Plants like Aloe Vera thrive off this energy. Using the power of the sun, the Aloe Vera plant grows into a mouthwatering species, rich in essential vitamins, minerals, amino, and fatty acids that boost the body’s natural ability to adapt to external changes.

Cira Aloe combines the natural nutritional benefits of the Aloe Vera plant with a variety of fruit flavors. This blend of Aloe Vera juice flavors with pulp creates an enjoyable and invigorating drinking experience. Armed with elements of hydration, immune system support, vitamin and mineral intake, you will be sure to savor the taste and benefits of Cira Aloe beverages to replenish your power.

Paragon Partners LLC.


Cira Aloe is a specialty drink backed and supported by Paragon Partners LLC. Paragon Partners specializes in brand development, adhering to global industry regulations, and nutritional guidelines. In addition, Paragon Partners brings a strong focus on strategic global distribution networks to maximize targeted channels of points of sale. Utilizing 100+ years of combined experience in brand development, Paragon Partners contributes valuable industry know-how and operational support for Cira Aloe which includes: complete package design; research and development; sales and marketing; product registration; and formula creation.