Replenish and Rehydrate with Cira Aloe

Gluten-free,  No preservatives, Fat Free, Made with real aloe pulp and juice

Cira Aloe Coconut

Embraces the tropical essence of coconut with the fresh taste and style of Cira.

Cira Aloe Drink (Pineapple)

Cira Aloe Pineapple

Now introducing our new powerhouse flavor, Cira Aloe Pineapple. Evenly balanced to give your taste buds a stimulating rush, and meet your desire for a new experience.

Cira Aloe Original

Pure, powerful, and soothing, Cira Aloe Original delivers an authentic delight. Equipped with body-boosting vitamins and minerals extracted from Aloe Vera juice and pulp, Cira Aloe Original provides a natural hydrating drinking experience.

Cira Aloe Drink (Original)

Cira Aloe Drink (Watermelon Strawberry)

Cira Aloe Watermelon Strawberry

Smartly infused, pleasantly sweet, and crimson. Cira Aloe Watermelon Strawberry combines the crafty chemistry of watermelon and strawberry flavors while introducing nutritional benefits of Aloe to keep you cool.

Cira Aloe Mango

Beat the mundane and stay cool on the go. Tamed by the soft and tropical flavors, Cira Aloe Mango is fit for those looking to hydrate while in full stride. Stay hydrated while enjoying the crisp clean mango flavor compounded with Aloe Vera pulp.

Cira Aloe Drink (Mengo)

Cira Aloe Drink (Fruit Punch)

Cira Aloe Fruit Punch

The Fruit Punch to help you Champion your day. Filled with a vigorous blend of Earth’s Super Fruits, it helps you hydrate like none other. Stay Sharp Drink Cira.

Cira Aloe Peach

Thirsty and fatigued? Simply welcome back your energy and dowse your thirst with Cira Aloe Peach. It, embodies the taste of all-natural peach flavors while swarming your senses with warm peach undertones. Replenish your system with pure Aloe Vera vitamins and minerals.

Cira Aloe Drink (Peach)